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At AA NRM, we offer specialized agricultural services that combine advanced data management with scientific acumen to optimize farming practices and outcomes. Our approach focuses on enhancing crop yields and resource efficiency, mitigating risks, and fostering sustainability. By leveraging real-time data and analytics, we provide tailored insights and recommendations, enabling farmers to make informed decisions, reduce operational costs, and minimize environmental impact. Whether addressing the nuances of precision agriculture or broader agricultural landscapes, our services aim to promote economically viable and environmentally conscious agricultural practices in Northern and Central California.


Precision Agriculture Consultation: We can assist clients in the agricultural sector in applying modern technology like drones and artificial intelligence for precise crop management, maximizing yield and minimizing cost.

Pest & Disease Management: We are capable of identifying potential threats to plant health, such as pests and diseases, and offering integrated management solutions to address them.

Agricultural Monitoring: Using multispectral sensors at our disposal, we can monitor crop health, moisture levels, and pest infestations over large agricultural areas with drones, providing valuable data for precision agriculture.

Livestock Monitoring: We have staff that can fly regular drone surveys to monitor the health and location of livestock over large grazing areas.

Irrigation Monitoring: We are capable of observing the effectivness of existing irrigation methods to pinpoint areas of over or under irrigation.

Agroforestry Consulting: We advise landowners on how to integrate forestry and agricultural practices, to increase land productivity and promote sustainability.

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