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Data Management

At AA NRM, we specialize in offering robust data management services tailored for a myriad of project types within the realm of natural resource management. We specialize in developing raw data schemas, data collection interfaces, web maps, and other services associated with Esri's suite of products. Serving the vast landscapes of Northern and Central California from our base in Grass Valley, our GIS related services extend across forestry, agriculture, water resource management, risk mitigation, and defensible space planning.


Forestry and Agriculture: Utilizing cutting-edge data analytics and scientific expertise, we provide insights and solutions for optimizing conservation, predicting yields, and fostering sustainable practices within forest ecosystems and agricultural landscapes.

Water Resource Management: Our focus encompasses assessing water availability, managing flood risks, and meticulously mapping watercourses to ensure the sustainable management of this indispensable resource.

Risk Mitigation: With a deep understanding of the unique challenges of the region, we formulate and implement risk mitigation strategies designed to anticipate, address, and counteract potential ecological threats, enhancing the resilience of varied ecosystems.

Grant Assistance: We assist clients in navigating the complexities of grant applications, leveraging accurate data to demonstrate need, project outcomes, and ensure compliance with grant requirements, thereby securing funding for valuable initiatives.

Customized Solutions: Recognizing the distinct needs of each project, we offer customized data management solutions that align with specific objectives, ensuring informed decision-making, operational optimization, cost reduction, and enhanced sustainability.

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