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Forestry Services

Our forest services are meticulously crafted to promote sustainable management and conservation of forest ecosystems in Northern and Central California. Utilizing advanced geospatial analysis and traditional forestry science, we provide tailored solutions for timber valuation, reforestation, and wildfire mitigation. Through comprehensive forest surveys and data-driven methodologies, we aim to enhance the health, diversity, and resilience of forests, balancing ecological needs with economic viability. Whether addressing immediate threats or planning for long-term sustainability, our services are designed to foster a harmonious coexistence between human activities and our invaluable forest resources.


Timber Market Analysis: We offer analysis of timber market trends and pricing to inform your decisions around timber harvest and sales.

Forest Inventory & Analysis: Our team is able to collect detailed information about forest composition, including species identification, size class distribution, and overall health.

Hazard Tree Identification: Our staff is able to identify dead or dying trees, which pose a hazard to existing infrastructure like buildings, roads, or utility lines, for removal.

Forest Health Management: We are experts in identifying and managing diseases that affect forest health and provide solutions to prevent their spread.

Forest Certification Consultation: We are capable of guiding landowners through the process of achieving forest certification, such as the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certification, which can enhance their market opportunities and public image

Forest Carbon Credit Consultation: Our company assists clients in understanding, applying for, and managing forest carbon credit programs, potentially providing an additional revenue stream while promoting reforestation and carbon sequestration

Carbon Sequestration Assessment: On carbon sequestration projects, our team is able to calculate the amount of carbon that a given forest stand can sequester and advise on strategies to maximize carbon sequestration.

Urban Forestry Consultation: We are experts in advising municipalities and urban planners on the integration of trees and green spaces within urban environments, with benefits for air quality, climate resilience, and community well-being.

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