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GIS & Drone Services

At AA NRM, Geographic Information Systems (GIS) are indispensable across all service areas, providing a foundation for spatial analysis and data visualization. In forestry and agriculture, GIS is used to map and monitor land use, assess habitat quality, and optimize resource management, enabling the development of sustainable practices and informed decision-making. In risk mitigation and defensible space planning, GIS assists in identifying vulnerable areas, analyzing environmental risks, and formulating strategies to enhance resilience against natural hazards, particularly wildfires, prevalent in Northern and Central California. In water resource management, GIS applications include mapping watercourses, assessing water availability, and managing flood risks, contributing to the sustainable management of water resources in the region. Moreover, GIS aids in securing grants by visually representing project needs and anticipated outcomes. Overall, GIS integrates a multitude of data types to generate comprehensive spatial insights, fostering the effective and sustainable management of natural resources.


Remote Sensing & Deep Learning Analysis: We employ remote sensing technologies and deep learning algorithms to extract valuable insights from satellite and aerial imagery. This approach enables us to detect patterns, trends, and anomalies that support informed, proactive decision-making in forestry and agriculture.


Aerial Photography/Videography: Our team is capable of capturing high-quality photos and videos for clients, including real estate firms, construction companies, or event planners.


Inspection Services: We offer drone inspections of infrastructure such as buildings, pipelines, power lines, or wind turbines. Drones can often access these areas more safely and efficiently than human inspectors.


Geospatial Web App Development: Our team of GIS specialists builds intuitive, feature-rich geospatial web applications. These applications allow users to visualize, analyze, and interact with spatial data, promoting informed decision-making in areas like land management and environmental conservation.

GIS Training & Consultation: Our GIS experts provide comprehensive training and consultation services, equipping clients with the knowledge and tools to analyze spatial data and derive valuable insights for informed decision-making.

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